So, my friends Elliott and Allison took me to the Neutral Milk Hotel concert here in Houston this Wednesday and the show was AMAZING.

Before I left home I decided to take a little golden retriever doll, just to have something for them to sign.
I was lucky enough to have stayed after the show to get things signed. Before they left, Elliott got the pup and got Jeremy Thal to sign it. He thought is was cute,and he told us,”Woah, we’ve never signed a pup before! I’m gonna take it back to show the others!” 

So, BASED Jeremy Thal got us the only Jeff Mangum, Astrid Taylor, and Jeremy Barnes signatures that were given out at the show. AWESOME RIGHT YEAH I KNOW.

We each were able to get drumsticks, also! Julian Koster, a very sweet person, didn’t sign the pup but he did sign our drumsticks. OH,AND WE EACH GOT DRUMSTICKS BY THE WAY.
Super awesome experience, I’m really really lucky to have been able to get it signed. Thanks Elliott for almost throwing the pup at Jeremy Thal. Please ignore the towel, OOPS.

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